Boston Marathon 2018

About me

A little bit about me.

My name is Rob. I’m from (north) London but I live in Seattle with my three beautiful kids, my saint of a wife, and my dog and my cat. Among other things, I love Arsenal Football Club, Indian food, and a nice shady spot on a quiet beach. I also love to run.

Running and writing are two things I have aspired to do over many years. By ‘aspired to do’, I really mean that I’ve thought about them both from a distance, in a ‘wouldn’t it be great if’ or ‘I really must get around to’ kind of way that keeps ideas close enough in view, without ever really demanding that they get picked up and actually used – like those books you get as Christmas presents, that look really interesting, but years later remain on the shelf, pristine if a little dusty, with the spine uncracked.

In April 2009, I stopped aspiring and started doing. At the time of updating this page (Feb 2019), having run sixteen full and nine half marathons, not to mention a couple of Ragnar Relays and a bunch of 5 and 10k’s, I find that I can call myself a runner and actually feel like I mean it. In April 2018 I fulfilled a major ambition by completing the Boston Marathon, having qualified the prior year with a time of 3:23. I can say with no word of a lie, that absent the milestones of marriage and the arrival of my kids, crossing the finish line in Boston was one the absolute happiest moments of my life to date.

As for the writing, well, it’s a work in progress.

The aim of Run Me To The Moon is two-fold. For you dear reader, maybe some entertainment and encouragement to get off the couch, if that is where you’re at, or to keep on running, if you’ve already got the bug. And for me? I just want to create a virtuous circle where I run more and write more. The more I run, the more I’ll have to write about. The more I write, the more I’ll be motivated to run. It’s a theory that hasn’t fully played out yet, but I’m still (ahem) running with it and will continue to see where it takes us.

Keep on moving,