The Road to Vancouver – Part 2


Slow runner ahead
It'll take a long time to get to Boston dressed like that...

What can I tell you? This was not a great week for running quickly.

My PR goal for the year is 3:45, which in of itself is a challenge (12 mins off my current PR), and means I need to run an average 8:35 mile. So far I’m cranking out some OK times (generally around the 8:45 ish) mark, except for the long runs where I consciously dial it back, at least for now), but I’m just not feeling very quick.

It’s early in the program, but I’m already pretty frustrated that things (especially my legs!!) are not moving a little quicker. I’ve said before, it would be nice to one day qualify for Boston, and ideally not just through the process of hanging around long enough on the running scene so that my times catch up with my age. This is clearly something I have to work on.

So, I’m going to keep on with the pace runs, head to the track for some interval work and just keep plugging away. As ever, job one is to a) get to the start line in good enough shape to compete, and b) to finish. Everything else is gravy, right?

In other news…I’m pleased to say I’ve entered the Ragnar Relay as part of the Sand Point Team. It happens in July, and consists of a team of 12 of us running legs between Blaine right on the US / Canada border, and Langley. It should be a lot of fun, unless I’m left with all the uphill bits to run, in which case it will be crap!

OK, here is this weeks tale of the tape:

No. of runs: 5

Distance: 33.2 miles

Long run: 10.2 miles

This week’s upside:

Getting that fifth run in was a big deal, and also getting a good run in with Yoko – great to have her back.
Also, a belated cheer for Mrs G who did her first Greenlake run with Lisa and Amy. Watch this space for the updates on that.

Could do better?:

Speed. Did I mention that already?

Playlist song of the week:

New Order – Regret

I love this band, and I love this song. Every time I hear it I’m transported right back to Santa Monica circa 1993. Sunny days, sunny times. Never fails to put a spring in my step.


4 comments on “The Road to Vancouver – Part 2”
  1. Ed says:

    Mate, if you want to put a spring in your step download a certain Van McCoy song onto your ipod. Put that song towards the end of your running playlist. As you get towards the end of your run, that song will come on and I guarantee you will step up the pace with a huge grin on your face. Works for me every time. Happy running.


    1. rob2288 says:

      I will give that a go my friend. Hope your own training is going well.


  2. Ed says:

    Do the Hustle!!


    1. rob2288 says:

      Mate – that is brilliant. Best memory of the Champions League Final in Paris bar none..


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