The Road to Vancouver – Part 6


Did you ever have that dream where you think you are back at college and you have an exam in the morning and you haven’t studied for it, or maybe you’d even just clean forgotten you had the exam to begin with and you wake up in a panic going ‘oh shit!!’?

Well I had the runners version of that last night, and the thing is, the exam starts at 7:30am tomorrow!

Funny. I’ve obviously had pre – race nerves before, certainly I felt a healthy combination of fear and excitement this time last year when I was taking on the marathon distance for the first time, but this feels a little different.

Why? I think it’s because this is my third marathon, the second time I’m running in Vancouver, and that frankly, a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. I know what my body tends to do around at the 18 – 20 mile mark (complain bitterly), I know how steep the camber is on Burrard Bridge, especially on the way back (steep enough) and I know my training has not been as rigorous as it might have been.

So, what to do?

Turn up, run a steady 8:45 – 9:00 pace, remember to hydrate and nourish myself along the way and have some fun. That is the plan.

One more time with the goals:

1. Finish
2. Beat my Vancouver time from last year (4:18)
3. Sub 4 hrs like I did in Victoria (3:57)

If you happen to be in Vancouver tomorrow, come out and support us runners. You’d be amazed what a difference a friendly cheer makes, and give a special shout out for number 841.

Wish me luck.


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