Groundhog Day

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Here we go again. Stress fracture redux.

A little more than one year on from the last one, I find myself back at square one, stress fracture (or ‘reaction’ my physio likes to call it) in my left tibia. Two Spring marathon entries down the pan and a huge dose of frustration. Bummer.

I don’t really know ‘why’ – probably never properly recovered from the last one I’m guessing, or maybe I just pushed too hard at the beginning of my winter training. All I know is when a gentle five mile jog on a treadmill has you limping for two+ days, you know it’s time to stop and re-evaluate. Some things you just can’t get past with two Advil and an ice-pack.

So what is one to do? Let’s start with not giving up. If there is one characteristic all distance runners share it’s the capacity to keep going when things get tough, so it’s been a time to get my head down and focus on other activities that are all designed to get me back on the road, ideally in better shape than I was before.

Physiotherapy, elliptical, stationary bike and weights are my life right now. Soon to be joined by Spin cycling and some yoga too. Maybe a touch of swimming if time allows. My aims over the coming weeks are to build my core strength, keep my heart pumping, stay active, lose some weight, stay busy and positive. And get ready to run again.

Hope to be back to light running / run-walking no later than the beginning of May, and if all goes to plan, an autumn / winter marathon or two (St George again – would love to, NYC definitely on the cards especially if the lottery place comes in). Until then, once more into the gym dear friends.

Let’s keep moving…

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